All About Me

Hi, My name is Mary-Ellen.

Here is a bit about myself…

I am awesomebrainy and courageous and I dislike dogs. I love to explain things to people. Also I love chocolate fudge and I am NOTgirly-girl. I have long brown hair and my favourite flavour icecream is peppermint choc-chip. I like telling jokes and people that are kind. Lollipops are nice and my favourite animals are monkeys (I want a pet monkey!) I have long nails and I don’t like looking at octopuses. I play the piano and I really want to meet the Queen (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary). I don’t like resting and sleeping. Swimming is my favourite sport! I like watching T.V but I prefer sports such as cricket. I don’t believe in unicorns, I dislike video games and I am vegetarian. If I had one wish I’d wish for more wishes. I don’t play the xylophone. My brother is called Yiorgos and I like zebra’s stripes.

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